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The classic 16-bit action puzzle game brought to your playdate in vivid 1-bit color.

An intense match-3 with a rising board, gravity, and garbage blocks that drop in from above.  Set up combos and chains to clear the board and score points!


  • dpad: move the cursor
  • b: pull the stack up 
  • a: swap blocks under cursor

NOTE: this game is played with the playdate held in the 90º rotation position.


Horizontal or vertical runs of three or more matching block types are cleared. Swapping a block over an edge will cause it to fall.

The stack rises over time. The game ends when blocks reach the top of the stack. The rising of the stack is delayed while matched blocks are clearing.

Combos are triggered by clearing more than three blocks at once. Chains are triggered by matches caused by blocks falling due to cleared blocks below.

Combos and Chains dramatically increase scoring and pause the rise of the board.

Garbage blocks fall on the top of the stack. They can only be cleared by touching matches of other blocks. Garbage clears to standard blocks. Because these blocks stay suspended in air while converting, they provide an opportunity for counter attack by lining up matching blocks beneath to set up chains.


Made by @stevelavietes and @stephan_gfx

Music by @stevelavietes

Thanks for taking a look, we hope you enjoy!

Published 14 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsLonely Star Software, stephan_gfx
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, blocks, Fast-Paced, Minimalist, Playdate, Retro, Short, Tetris
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Version 3

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Once I found a comfortable hand position, it played great! Pressing the B button with my d-pad thumb is what really makes it work.

It doesn't look very comfortable tbh. And you block the screen with your finger.


No less comfortable than how I hold it the other way. And there’s enough of a border that nothing gets covered by my thumb. I will admit, though, I’m 6’ tall so people with smaller hand may have a different experience. After playing for 2 days, this game would feel way too cramped on the screen in normal orientation. 

Not a fan of the screen orientation either. It's why I've been holding off purchasing it despite loving the original.

The artwork looks nice, but I'm not a fan of the screen orientation. The button layout with the playdate feels uncomfortable.

We wanted to try the rotated layout to give more screen real estate to the board and blocks. Thanks for checking it out and the feedback.

(2 edits) (+2)

A nice clone of Puzzle League/Panel de Pon, but I would strongly recommend doing more to differentiate the blocks other than just outlines of shapes. Use dithering patterns to help simulate different colors. Fill in some of the shapes. Do something to make it easier for your eye to easily pick up the difference between each block type. They look too similar in its current state, which makes the game unnecessarily difficult.

Edit: Look at the Puyo Puyo clone I just saw posted for a perfect example of  how to make them look different. It does a wonderful job of making each of the blob colors look different from each other on the Playdate's screen.


Thanks for the note. Earlier versions did make use of dithering to further distinguish the block types. With the scrolling stack, it ended up too busy and a bit strobe-y.

I will explore further possibilities for a future update.